Bar Stuck on screen
I have a bar that appears across the top of my screen when playing movies and tv files. Anyone know why i'm getting this and how to stop it appearing. The only way i can get rid of it is to restart my htpc and it will go but i comes back when i play another file.
Screenshot (ctrl-S) and debug log?
I think Ronie nailed this one..
Ya i started that thinking it may be skin related but i'm not sure.

Now and again i get this in bar on my screen in xbmc that won't go unless i restart my system.


And when i shut xbmc and go back to desktop and i get a constant ting sound like i'm holding a button down constantly and when i click start i get a constant supply of 33333333333333 or ££££££££££££££.


I have a Logitech DiNovo Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and thought it was that but i took the bluetooth dongle out of the htpc so it was in no way connected with my htpc but tonight it started to make the tinging sound again and throw up countless 3's in my in the search box in the windows start menu. Could it be my harmony remote, its new and does not fault on tv,xbox,av reciever. Any ideas.
Well somehow you're getting a repeat key press, usually it's a stuck key. Sometimes it is hardware/software polling speed or it's interpretation. Start with the easiest...(change out your batteries) perhaps pulling that key cap off etc... Use notepad as your trial program to see if the keyboard acts normally... then progress to adding other hardware before running XBMC. From the sounds of it... like you, I'd point my finger at the new remote and perhaps an improper driver or set-up.
I disconnected my keyboard by removing the usb dongle and took the batteries out but later while i was using xbmc the bar came back up and and when i exited xbmc the tinging started again and the 333333333333333333. So its not the keyboard and i don't know if its my new logitech harmony one remote as i have no problems using the remote when watching tv or over devices.
Sit on the harmony remote then.... use a mouse for the evening, if you're free & clear, you know the culprit. Then attack the issue informed at least.
The thing is this happens intermittently, when it plays up i get constant 3333333333333 or £££££££££££. Now the 3 and £ are on the same key on a uk keyboard but this happens even without my wireless keyboard even installed. If it was my harmony remote would'nt i get repeat key press on my virgin hd tv box too, like channel changing. I don't have this problem on anything other than the htpc system in xbmc and out on the windows 7 desktop.
More than likely it's the programming inside the remote for that item.. clearly without the remote you have no issue. How other equipment receives is moot.
(2012-05-16, 16:47)PatK Wrote: More than likely it's the programming inside the remote for that item.. clearly without the remote you have no issue. How other equipment receives is moot.

But i'm using the harmony remote to watch tv like turning over channels and so on without any key problems. Would the remote not make my tv box turn over to channel 333 or somthing.

Here's my xbmc debug log. does this show anything.
I know this is an old thread but I felt compelled to signup just to let others know how I corrected a similar issue on my system. While it appears that the UP and LEFT dpad buttons or arrow keys are stuck what is actually happening is the left trigger is being held down, or more accurately, the Z axis dead zone sensitivity is causing problems. Adding this to the advancedsettings.xml corrected the issue for me:
If you want to just test it, set the value to 1.0. That will basically disable the X Y Z axes. Then just tweak it down.
I'm not sure why this input doesn't show up in the debug log when I checked for possible input device issues but it must be related to being an axis control.

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