My MCE Remote issues
hello all... i havent used xbmc in a long time, i used it with a old xbox long ago... and retired it for HD content. but i have given this a try on my pc, i have a wdtv live hub and it works ok and all but i miss all the fun of xbmc... so the only thing i was missing was the remote functions that i had with the xbox.

so i bought this remote at a local fry's store

i have followed a couple guides in the remote section and have come up short on getting this to work. all the keys like volume and stop and play work, cursor keys work and ok button works, the only thing that im missing is the context menu, so i tried a few times with eventghost and also showkey and when ever i press the * or info key nothing pops up, i am not sure what i am doing wrong, and i paid too much for this thing for it not to do what i am wanting, i have a couple weeks to take it back.
i have noticed some of the keys dont show up in showkey but do load up certain windows media center stuff... so im not sure where to turn Sad

but when i press the key i see the light flash on the usb ir reciever and all but nothing shows up on eventghost or showkey.
if this remote cant do what i want and you all suggest one that will?

thank you for your time Smile
Have you done the registry hack for MCE remotes? Go to under direct hot links and download xbmccustomregis. I had similar issues to you using my HP MCE remote and as soon as I applied the registry hack it works perfect. Just remember to save the file and run as admin (right click run as admin). Good luck mate!
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i downloaded and installed xbmccustomregis and rebooted and now when i get into windows there seems to be this file in startup and windows dont have a program associated with this file GSB_Win64bit_v1.06.ahk, so i dont know if i did something wrong or what.
and i noticed that if im in windows media center and click the */info key it chimes a sound and also makes some of the displayed functions fade away, so i guess windows knows the key... this is frustrating. but learning is fun Smile
thank you for your reply tman12 Smile
The ahk file is for autohotkey, a fantastic utility, but not really needed in this context, unless you want to use it instead of the registry hack. Then autohotkey translates mce native windows commands to xbmc language so to speak. This translation map is in that file in your startup folder.

The registry hack changes the way windows interprets the remote, so no translation is necessary.

In the registry, there is a key that interprets the mce remote, and translates it into keypresses or windows functions if you will. This key kan easily be changed so that each button on the remote does excactly what you want, ie info button translates to <i> on the keyboard which opens movie info in xbmc.

See this wiki:

There is also an addon in the official repository that will help you to reprogram the registry.

Often a "perfect" setup will require you to use a combination of all these tools.

Personally I've made the following setup..

- registry is changed to map buttons to the default key uses in xbmc.
- green windows media center start button is redefined to ctrl+shift+z
- keyboard.xml file in xbmc adds "c" as a valid key in main window to pull up shutdown dialog. This is to be able to use menu button on remote for context and shutdown menu
- keyboard.xml binds a key to subtitle download script, which in turns is mapped to T or teletext on remote.
- keyboard.xml binds a key to next subtitle and next audiotrack for use on remote
-autohotkey picks up ctrl+shift+z and run 2 commands, activate xbmc window which brings xbmc in front if it is already started, then run xbmc, in case xbmc was not started.

If you are running Eden and you have a true eHome remote (check in device manager if you have the eHome driver installed), just install the MCE Remote add-on, configure it using as guide to set the keys as you want, apply settings, restart computer and you're set.

Make sure you uninstall any other driver you installed, eventghost etc (you should not need it, unless for other things obviously).
after reading these messages and the links, i dont think this remote is a eHome device, there is no eHome device in human interface devices, so i think i will be returning this thing. can you all suggest a remote that would work correctly? the only reason i bought this one is that it was available now type thing and i didnt to much research before hand. and it was the only remote that they carried at the store.
but at least i can return it and get my $40 back Smile
the guys at the store wanted me to look at some of the logitech remotes, and they were expensive and they couldnt answer if it came with a usb ir receiver... so i didnt even try one.
thank you all for your help!
Check this link
well i took the remote back to the store cause it it didnt use the ehome driver... but i am looking at this remote witch looks exactly the same and it states its a rc6 remote, and i did notice on the remote i just returned had no color buttons that i see on some of the remotes. i.e. the red yellow blue and green buttons. so i dont know if that is a indication if the remote uses ehome or not, but at least this one is $13.99 with promo at this time.
please advice me as to if this remote will work correctly, if not i will look for one that has them colored buttons.
thx for your time Smile
According to this thread it seems to work fine
I also found references googling that it is a RC6 type remote, so you should be safe.
thanks again i will get that one you linked to, so i know i can get it to work Smile
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