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Use ArcSoft codec for AVC (HD)
I have Eden 11 and i wanna use the arcsoft codec to play HD streams because it's on xbmc currently (mosaic)

Some time ago i tried the xbmc Dsplayer version where i could tweak such a thing (playercorefactory.xml, mediasconfig.xml etc..)
With Eden i tried today but it's not working perhaps it's a syntax problem in the xml i don't know.
I give you the CLSID for Arcsoft, if someone can show me the right syntax perhaps

Arcsoft Video Decoder


thank you

Did you get a DSplayer version of Eden?
Read this before using these builds.
it's not possible with the normal version?
If not id need a link to Dl the eden dsplayer version
No it is not possible with the official release. XBMC's video player is based off of ffmepg. It is not a DirectShow based player. I do no know i there is a DS version of Eden. You best bet is to check the DSplayer thread for that info.
Read this before using these builds.
Ok i have installed it and once again it don't seem to work, i have placed playerfactory.xml, advancedsettings.xml, filtersconfig.xml, mediasconfig.xml in the folder portable data > userdata (i use xbmc dsplayer in portable mode to test)

Could you show me the right syntax maybe ? Or what did i do wrong

I want to use the dsplayer but with the arcsoft codec (see my previous post) not the default codec for HD videos (avc1, x264, h264) for .ts .mp4 .mkv filetypes mainly

Sorry, I don't use the DS player build. Your question would be better served if asked in the DS player thread, so other users of that branch will see it.
Read this before using these builds.
I've used Arcsoft decoder in the DS Player (with LAV filters build) not for long.You need to register "" in the system and add an entry in filtersconfig,like this:
<filter name="arcsoftvideodec" type="videodec">
<osdname>ArcSoft Video Decoder</osdname>
and change the rules in mediasconfig:
<rule filetypes="ts|mpeg|mpg|m2ts">
<source filter="lavsource" />
<splitter filter="lavsplitter" />
<video filter="arcsoftvideodec" />
<audio filter="mpaaudiodec" />
the same for mkv,mp4 etc.,if you need.
p.s. Although I don't really understand the meaning of use it to mkv . This decoder is very limited to non-standard encoding video.Interesting mainly for interlaced video and mpeg2 dxva on graphics cards AMD with UVD2
I had no luck thus far Monsta
Try this
next like in my post above. Рut "" in a separate folder, register it.Also you must to send some files into system32 :
I just don't know how you do that.Was decoder pulled out of a TMT or something else?Hard to help when so little information
The problem don't concern the dll or registering, the codec work with other software, the problem is with DSplayer really
Really? Explain to me why then it works for me? Big Grin
I don't just write, I did it.

Use ArcSoft codec for AVC (HD)00