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RTMP Artwork Possible?
I am going to be traveling alot and I will not be able to bring my full media collection with me so I am setting up a Media Server so I can stream content to my laptop no matter where I am. I have the basics down I am using RTMPGUI+ and my own custom .XML to have the streams show up. I was wondering since this isn't "live" data is it possible to automatically get artwork for this content? If so how is this possible? Also what about searching this content as the global search I do not think will look into the plugin for results? Thanks in advance
no. rtmp isn't a file sharing protocol.
with that said i can use the thumbnail for my cover art i there a list of xml options that can be used? I cant find anything related to this? ex. <thumbnail> <title> etc. Also is there a way to at least search my .xml?

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