Artwork not showing for OSX and IOS

I have XBMC running on my Mac (OSX Lion 10.7.3) and ATV2(Black 4.4.3), and they both share their library via a MySql Instance running on my NAS, where the media files are located.

Both scrape for Movie artwork fine, and share the same sources.

When adding TV Shows though, i get no banner, logo or fanart showing in any view. I have tried multiple skins and have removed the source and retried, have refreshed, updated, cleaned and started from scratch. Episode information shows ok, but nothing artwork wise, and only for tv shows. When i look at the information and browse fanart or thumbs, they come back as empty pictures.

Any light you could shed on this would be much appreciated, as it just doesn't look as pretty...

HOW-TO:Sync multiple libraries/Sync thumbails and fanart (wiki)

That was going to be my next step once it was working locally.

I found that the IOS drive was full with some cached AppleTV Movies and was barfing out
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Artwork not showing for OSX and IOS00