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[SOLVED] mixed xml and url tvshow.nfo
I am currently trying to setup mixed tvshow.nfo files for my tv shows in order to change the studio tag but not have to create or rely on episode nfos. My main concern is the clear attribute for studio. The wiki isnt specific about whether or not the clear attribute for studio is only for movie nfos or if it is also supposed to work for tvshow.nfo.

From the wiki:
Currently supported tags for the clear attribute are genre, director, studio, actor, credits and artist for Music Videos.

An example of what I am working on would be the show Mystery Files. I would prefer the show to be under the studio History instead of National Geographic.

Mystery Files tvshow.nfo I am using:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<studio clear="true">National Geographic</studio>

So currently in my library the show Mystery Files is showing up under both studios National Geographic and History. Is this a bug or is the clear attribute not supported for tvshow nfos? Is there anyway I could patch in this functionality myself?

I am aware I could accomplish my goal by using something like EMM or even manually creating all the episode nfos and not use a mixed tvshow.nfo but I find that all a bit inconvenient and would love to be able to use both a mixed tvshow.nfo and be able to control the studio tag and not have to worry about creating nfos for every episode.

Using XMBC 11.0 and Windows 7 64bit
Incase it is a bug I have included a copy of my debug log that shows me removing mystery files from the library and then updating the library.

You're specifying you want both National Geographic and History.

The clear attribute means "clear what you currently have in this set of tags" not "clear the value I'm about to specify".
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Ahh I see! You are right I totally thought the clear attribute meant "clear the value I am about to specify". Thanks so much for the clarification Smile

[SOLVED] mixed xml and url tvshow.nfo00