What is the opening point of these files/windows?
What is the opening point of these files(windows)?


Means what menus should I visit and where should I click that the window gets displayed on the screen.
I am unable to find.

Thanks for help in advance.
DialogFullScreenInfo.xml = press 'I' while video is playing
DialogVideoInfo.xml - press 'I' while in the video list menu
PlayerControls.xml = press 'M' on the keyboard
SmartPlaylistEditor.xml = Go to Videos > Playlists > New smartplaylist
SmartPlaylistRule.xml - Found inside SmartPlaylistEditor.xml

MusicOverlay.xml and VideoOverlay.xml will appear when there is media currently playing, respectively.

Someone else with more knowledge will have to take the rest though I don't think DialogGamepad is used anymore.
Check the Foundation thread for images with the XML labels on them for an idea of what they do or just grab Foundation and check the screenshot folder.
DialogGamepad is used if you set a button/gamepad based lock somewhere.

the karaoke ones are used.. when you play karaoke.
Here is what I have found so far:
To display,

DialogGamepad.xml = Click on System Setttings -> Master Lock -> Master Lock Code and settings -> Master Lock(...) -> Gamepad button combo

SmartPlaylistEditor.xml=Visit Videos Section goto Root level -> Playlists -> New Smart Playlist... or Party mode Playlist

SmartPlaylistRule.xml=Visit Videos Section goto Root level -> Playlists -> New Smart Playlist... or Party mode Playlist -> New rule...

DialogVideoInfo.xml = while viewing available video files press i when a video file is selected/highlighted, that will display a window with selected video information , but the window will not show up if no video info. is available for the selected video.

MusicKaraokeLyrics.xml= When we play any Karaoke song , which is usualy of extension .kar or .mid
A sound font file should be present here : .xbmc/userdata/timidity/soundfont.sf2

DialogKaraokeSongSelectorLarge.xml = Try to seek a playing karaoke song , some times it does not come but some times it is displayed and song stops.

DialogKaraokeSongSelector.xml = No idea yet

MusicOverlay.xml= No idea, I can't see it even in confluence while playing audio in fullscreen visualization mode.
VideoOverlay.xml= No idea, can't see while playing video in fullscreen in confluence.
DialogNetworkSetup.xml= No idea
DialogFileStacking.xml= No idea
DialogPeripheralManager.xml= No idea
DialogPeripheralSettings.xml= No idea
PlayerControls.xml= No idea
DialogFullScreenInfo.xml = it's in foundation skin but not in confluence , so may be optional

Hi, Hitcher thanks for reply but I want to know how to open these files window , not how it looks in image if it is already opened some how. Since you have taken screen shots of all the xml files, you must be knowing how did you displayed these files/window on screen.
help please...
karaoke stuff: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=87971
peripherals stuff: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=115314

overlays will auto show when playing media and you have <allowoverlay>yes</allowoverlay> in your xml windows

PlayerControls, press 'm' while playing media, while not being in the fullscreen/visualization window

DialogFullScreenInfo, press 'i' in fullscreen video window

DialogFileStacking will show up when you try to play a stacked file (filemode only)

DialogNetworkSetup, add source > browse > add network location
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What is the opening point of these files/windows?00