AppleTV 1 (silver) - Can no longer "Resume from" an online video
I just upgraded my XBMC on my AppleTV from the old patchstick means to Crystalbutu and am loving how much snappier and more responsive things are. Such a good move to do that!

However, I have also noticed that now, when I stop an online video and then go back to it (whether it is immediately or after a few mins/hours), I can no longer resume from the point I stopped it at; instead it starts again from the beginning.

Is this a common problem with XBMC via Crystalbuntu with an easy solution, or is it just something screwy with my system(s) that I need to provide some more information for anyone here to view and figure out? I have 2 Apple TV Gen 1s w/ Crystalbuntu and am coming across the same problem with each.

Thanks Smile
The "remembered" times are more strict in XBMC v11, IIRC. Something like a few minutes in before it remembers, but can be overridden with advancedsettings.xml (wiki). I would guess that is what you are experiencing.
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Can no longer "Resume from" an online video00