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Shortcut to view as files (unsorted sports)
I use SABnzbd to automatically download a bunch of soccer games and dump them all into a single directory. I have this directory listed as a source "Sports", but no videos ever show up. (Since there is no sports scraper that I know of). In order to view the videos, I have to access it through Videos -> Video Files -> Sports, and then it works fine. This is a lot of button clicks though. What I would love is to be able to add a shortcut to the main menu to "Sports" in Files-mode. Is this possible?

What would be even better is if videos like this (which could also include Home Videos) could have it's own "recently added" category. I am trying to switch to XBMC from Media Browser, and MB handled the concept of "custom categories" like sports or home videos flawlessly. I'm hoping to find equivalent functionality here.
What skin are you using?

The custom menu item is easy to do

I'm not sure the recently added is so easy though

Flirc now has a forum:
I'm currently using Convergence, but I wouldn't mind switching if I can get the functionality I want. To clarify, I have already made a custom menu item to "Sports", however it displays it in Library mode. Since it is in Library mode, no videos are listed.
Try making a playlist with the rule "source" = "Your Directory Sports" and add that to the main menu. If you haven't found the "Create Playlist" option of XBMC yet just shout out.

Edit Sorry, not thinking - they would need to be in your library, otherwise wont work.
Noli illegitimi carborundum

Is there a way to add these files to the library then? Some sort of fake scraper that just takes the filename and declares that as the episode or something. This would also accomplish my "one click" sports feature.
I achieve going to the right folder by setting a folder (in my case random youtube videos I like) as a favourite - then adding that favourite as a menu item. Is this what you've done?

You could add them to the library using nfo's but that's a bit long winded.

Flirc now has a forum:
The function:

ActivateWindow(video, /whatever/sports)

will open a file listing of the directory /whatever/sports. You can map this to a keystroke, or manually edit your custom menu item.
Thanks for the tips, I got it to work. It wasn't working in files mode because I had the "Sports" folder listed as a source. When I deleted the source, then this code worked exactly as I want by opening it in files mode directly from the shortcut:


Shortcut to view as files (unsorted sports)00