Window manger history bug? Programs vs. home screen differences..

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I've found a quirk.

My Add-on:XSqueeze (wiki) (a music player_ launches a new plugin XSqueeze Chooser, to act as a music chooser. I see two very differeny behaviours when different places are used to launch XSqueeze and I think when it is launched via Programmes, it exposes a bug.

When launched via an icon on the home screen ->

Xsqueeze opens -> User opens chooser, selects music, hits 'esc' -> drops back to XSqueeze as expected

When launched via programs ->

Xsqueeze opens -> User opens chooser, selects, hits 'esc' to exit -> drops back to home menu, NOT Xsqueeze ... this behaviour is in error as the XSqueeze window should be higher in the stack, right?

So my questions are:

a) is this indeed a bug?


b) can I stop it happening - that is, detect in the plugin where it was called from and when the plugin exits, force it to drop back to XSqueeze?

All help very much appreciated as ever!!

Sorry, no help w/out a *full debug log*
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