Music 'wish list' feature for streams...
has anyone seen a script that can help tag a song as something you like. perhaps the song is coming from a shoutcast stream, or a mp3 on your harddrive, or some other source.

a minimum feature would be to add the song title and info to a txt file.

a feature rich version would tie to the sqllite database some how and allow you to rate the song if you have it in your database.

a distinction between a "wanted" song (something you heard from a stream) and a rating of a owned song would be best.

anyone seen anything like this? i'd love to get to the point where i can generate a playlist of all 5 star rated songs in my library. and also, d/l and print a txt file of songs i heard that i really liked and want to go buy (even cooler if it lookup up the song details and told me albulms with it).

i think this would be better implemented natively into xbmc.
i don't know if it is possible to access the sqllite db from python?
sounds like a cool feature

and add an option to automatically switch on one of your favorite shoutcast radio when it is playing one of your favorite song....
it could be amazing !
(bernd @ june 27 2005,22:22 Wrote:i think this would be better implemented natively into xbmc.
i don't know if it is possible to access the sqllite db from python?
sounds like a cool feature

i'm also trying to access the music/video database from a python script. i've found that there are a couple of different python api's for sqlite: pysqlite ( and apsw ( perhap's there are others? i'm very new to python myself, so i'm not sure i understand what it takes to use these. from the websites it looks like there is c code that needs to be built natively, which makes me wonder how much of a python wrapper it is? i was hoping to find something in pure python that i could drop in the xbmc python lib and use that to access the music/video database.

i've also thought about the route of hacking the xbmc code to expose api's to the database. i'm really surprised someone hasn't done it yet. i'm pretty reluctant to go through all the crap needed to build xbmc locally, even though i have done so in the past, so i'm looking for other options.

any other ideas?

(by the way, the script i'm writing has nothing to do with tagging music but i do want access to the database for other reasons)
i looked over the xbmc code and it looks like it wouldn't be very difficult at all to add some python bindings for acessing sqlite through xbmc. a higher level api would be to allow access to the videodatabase or musicdatabase object themselves but that would require a lot more work.

the downside to providing sqlite access is that you would need to know the format of the tables therefore any changes in the database structure would also force changes in your python script wheras interfacing with the music/video database objects this would be transparent.

i think it's worth the extra effort of contacting the music and video database interfaces directly.

probably just interfacing to the current public functions that are there via a wrapper would do the trick i think. let me know if you need a hand with any of it - i'm happy to help where i have the time.

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