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database keeps getting screwed Up
Hi guys
i have been working on this issue for days now.
i set up my openelec machine from scratch. set up my movies and tv library and it scans great.
once it finish i can use it for a while. after a few restarts i have 0 movies and 0 tv shows available.
i delete the database and scan again. set the TV as tv content. i exit the option and go back and it is back to "none"
i delete the database and i can set it as tv. i start the scan and stop in the middle (800 episodes out of 2500).
i than continue the scan and it wont do anything. i remove the content from my tv folder but it doesnt save the settings.
i delete the database again and start over. any idea whats going on here?
i created a new installation, new build. tried a few skins but i cant pinpoint the problems.
Are you set to update on startup? My music library used to disappear when I would start XBMC when my media server was off or inaccessible. I disabled update on startup and that fixed it for me.....but I am not using openelec.
i though that as well because my media are on a machine that has a lan-over-power lines network device.
and it seems that if you run out of space on the 2gb sd card, it may be unable to write to it (DUH!!!!!).


database keeps getting screwed Up00