ATV2 / XBMC to USB through Netgear Router
I'm struggling with getting my ATV2 to see my USB drive connected to my router (NETGEAR WNR3500L). The ATV2 is jailbroken and all the XBMC menus work right but i can't get XBMC to see my drive. I can get to the internet fine so the ATV2 knows the password. Maybe i am just not starting in the right spot.
My XBMC menu is like:
Weather | Pictures | Videos | Music | Programs | System

I would think System is the right option.
Setting / Network from there an enabled uPnP.
I setup SMS client with the IP from the router page - and entered the workgroup.
Then I back up a couple steps and go into file manager. Choose add source. It asks for a path and I enter the IP like and click done. Or should this be the name of the USB drive? or readyshare?
The Browse / add network location?

Most all of the tutorials assume you have your drive hooked up to a PC. I have a mac, but, I want the drive accessed through the router because i turn my computer off at night. This is some type of simple NAS but couldn't make it work. Do I need to buy a real NAS?

I'm missing something here. Any help greatly appreciated. Been at this all day.
I went to netgear login page, usb settings, writte down the letter of the ready share usb. Mine is something like u:readyshare/usb / your folder. Then i went in windows and Mapped the driver. Now i can access my usb hdd media no pc needed. I hope it helps.
I didn't try with the U: part or the /usb/ your folder. Will try that tomorrow through the settings / network. Thanks for the tip.
This is rather... advanced and took me quite a while to get right.

I have a Netgear WNDR 3700v2 wireless router that I have hung a USB hub and 3 USB drives.

I replaced the Netgear router firmware (this is called "flashing") with the embedded Linux distribution OpenWRT.

I configured the Netgear router to be a NFS server (router acting as a NAS) sharing the USB drives.

I now have very good performance over the Wireless N 5 Ghz network with my ATV2/XBMC playing SD, DVD and 720p video.

Unfortunately the WNR3500L is not on the OpenWRT supported list. DD-WRT supports it. I have not tried to setup dd-wrt as a NAS so I can't offer guidance on how difficult it is.

You SHOULD be able to get your setup to work with the Netgear firmware but if you have the budget, I'd get a dedicated NAS.
Hey thanks. Will try the above from bbdor a bit later. I night have to hit the netgear forums. They have this port for exactly this reason and XBMC seems like the right solution. I'm just not typing in the right typing in the right address somewhere. Ultimately i will end up doing a RAID solutions off the ethernet which is likely to be easier. Thanks for the help.
I have the same problem with Netgear DGN2200v3.
The SMB share is listed, that is browsing WORKGROUP I can see the readyshare, then opening it I can see the shared folder name.
But it can't be accessed, that is trying to open the folder I see listed, I get an error 2 - the share cannot be opened.
I am trying accessing from ATV2 with XBMC 11.

As a workaround, I activate the DLNA server on the DGN2200v3 on the same disk, and the UPnP browser on XBMC can access the DLNA correctly.
But (yeah, there is always a "but"...) the movie and TV shows scrapers seem not to detect any media inside.
Su the only option that I have is to open the source mapped on the DLNA server and browse through file names with no metadata, clipart, info, and all the beautyful stuff I could have over the SMB-mapped source.

Any help is welcome.
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