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Hey not sure if this has come up before but I personally have a fair bit of anime. I do not however like having it sorted in with my TV Shows... I know there are methods to separate TV show and Anime via a smart playlist but why not make it simple for everyone (that is assuming there are enough people who would like the feature).
Would it be possible to add another option called 'Anime' when choosing what files are in a directory.
So in the dropdown box you could choose music, anime, movies or tv shows. Like I said I know there is a way to do this with smart playlists but I think this would be an easy way to streamline peoples setup (well those with anime)

Making it "simple" on the user side is ridiculously complicated on the coding side. There are/have been several initiatives to redesign the under lying database to account for things that don't fit neatly into predefined categories (music videos being a more common example)
See this:
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1. put All your anime TV Shows in a folder labeled Anime. (i.e. C:\My Videos\Anime)
2. Create Smart Playlist that excludes the Anime Folder (Name it "TV Shows" or whatever)
3. Create Smart Playlist that excludes all except the Anime Folder (Name it "Anime" or whatever)
4. Depending on the skin you can mount the Smart Playlists on the main menu (I recommend the Skin "Aeon Nox")
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Cheers guys Big Grin
I have been Creating a separate user profile called Anime for setting up Anime only stuff

my only problem now is trying to find a way for all the media players to access the separate profiles over the network

it can be easily be done via
advancedsettings.xml with

<to>smb://user:[email protected]/XBMC/userdata/profiles.xml</to>

how ever after that it all goes to hell because i can not seem to find a way to map the user profile files remotely

<directory pathversion="1">smb://XBMC:[email protected]/XBMC/userdata/profiles/Anime/</directory>

as XBMC see's the paths like this ..

special://profile/ is mapped to: special://masterprofile/smb://UserTongue[email protected]/XBMC/userdata/profiles/Anime/

Unsupported protocol(/home/xbmc/.xbmc/userdata/smb) in /home/xbmc/.xbmc/userdata/smb://UserTongue[email protected]/XBMC/userdata/profiles/Anime/guisettings.xml
09:05:05 T:34712089600 ERROR: Unable to save settings to special://profile/guisettings.xml
09:05:05 T:34712089600 WARNING: CreateLoader - Unsupported protocol(/home/xbmc/.xbmc/userdata/smb) in /home/xbmc/.xbmc/userdata/smb://UserTongue[email protected]/XBMC/userdata/profiles/Anime/guisettings.xml
09:05:05 T:34712089600 ERROR: special://profile/guisettings.xml, Line 0
Failed to open file

I am working on a new advancedsettings.xml with a pathsubstitute for each and every profile / path

but it would be a heap loads quicker if XBMC just made a cmd line for us to redirect XBMC home folder to another source other then default on launch

its a real shame

<to>smb://UserTongue[email protected]/XBMC/</to>

does not work ( crashes XBMC Tongue )
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