Audio Sync problem Ubuntu 12.04 and xbmc 11.0
I just recently updated my Ubuntu from 11.04 to 12.04 LTS new install.
It was very easy to get xbmc installed, very happy about that.

Everything worked fine, no extra installs for remote and so on.
I didn't put any videos on the system where xbmc was installed, but wanted to watch them from a nas.

I now notice a delay with the audio and video playback, it sometimes is mor than half a second.
Very annoying, but then I put some files on the installed system, no difference.

I knew there was a setting about sync.
My vertical blank sync was always enabled, but that is video
My audio output was always optical, but I now I have the choice optical/coax wit speaker configuration 5.1
My audio output device was always custom with custom audio device iec958
My pass through is iec958

I still experience this audio delay with every setting I change.

Is there a setting I missed or is there someone who knows how to set this ubuntu 12.04 and xbmc 11.0 ??
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Audio Sync problem Ubuntu 12.04 and xbmc 11.000