My smart playlist doesn't work. no update?
And I merged several
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Smart Playlists work with your library, and if it's not in the library... it will never show up. The first order of the day is to scrape your new stuff into your library. Your video Smart Playlists are located C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\playlists\video

Using an editor clip out the following and paste it into a a file called 720p.xsp and place it in the above location (with your username)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="movies">
<rule field="videoresolution" operator="is">720</rule>
<order direction="ascending">rating</order>

See what you get...

Quote:re: should i scan with "Movies are in separate folders that match the movies"? or what does it mean?

Only if you have all your movies in separate individual folders that are named the same as the name of the movie (recommended) E.G. the movie "Gladiator.mkv" is in a folder called "Gladiator (2006)". Otherwise don't indicate that, or you will have a low success rate with your scrapes.

You really need a peek at the wiki's especially

This outside look might give you new perspective

yes it knows if its a dts movie! is says down at de "codec info" what type it is and then it will get to my smart playlist, so you say i need to go into all movies if its 100 of them?, cant xbmc do it by self?

And one more question, Movie content options

shall i just have Movies are in separate folders that match the movie title or shall i've Scan recursively checked or uncecked?

If i have my movies like this.

External drive 1 -> Movies 1 - > Wall-e.dts -> Wall-e.dts.mkv
The Others -> The.others.mkv

External drive 1 -> Movies 2 - > Gladiator.dvdrip.xvid -> Gladiator.dvdrip.xvid
up.720 -> up.720,mkv
Yes you need to scrape them all in.. XBMC can do it auto magically, but it needs direction.

Follow the quick start wiki, it should set you up pretty much.. Use for your nomenclature issues, if it doesn't scan in theRenamer, then you're unlikely to have better success with XBMC.

You can't have a movie folder named.... "Gladiator the one I like with good sound" and the file named "Glad-to-see-you.avi" to scrape in. Get rid of the extraneous words... or clean them up with theRenamer.

The name must be close in convention to what the material is listed in the database you're trying to address, re-read message #17
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