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"logo missing"
When I go into my TV shows, none of the clearart logos show up. Instead, each show is represented either by "LOGO MISSING" or "Go Back".

I'm running XBMC Eden on 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04. In the main folder of each TV show, I have a 'logo.png' file with my clearart. Does Neon prefer a different name or location for clearart?

And what's with the "Go Back" option? A handful of my shows appear with "Go Back" logos and the shows themselves are now inaccessible through XBMC.

I should point out that I have just switched to Neon (from Night, where the Cleararts showed up as expected and all TV shows were accessible).

Any thoughts on what I've done wrong here?

Many thanks in advance. Love this skin in general. Just trying to get the TV view I like to work....
if you see "Go Back", it means that you are not in Librairy Mode.
You have to add your folder and scrap your medias and it will be fine Smile

"logo missing" 00