Video add-ons no longer working
Hi..... looking for some help. My video add-ons are no longer working, they all either display script failed or simply dont play. Ive attached my most recent log, would really appreciate some advice.

devs will want a full log file, not just part of it (even though you've pasted where you can see errors, there are other useful bits of info elsewhere in the log)
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Thanks. Full log now attached Smile
You've got some crazy permissions errors going on in your log file.

You might want to SSH into it and run this:

chown -R mobile:mobile /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/

See if that makes any difference.

XBMC is also giving errors trying to connect to one of your SMB music shares. But I don't think that's what is causing the script errors. You'll want to fix that at some point though.
Thanks, no luck. New log now attached.
I *think* it is still an error with the plug-ins and Eden. When Eden came out plug-ins werent allowed access to "T:" anymore and it had to be mapped to "special://home"

If you open up the file of 4od and change line 309 I believe from:
geturllib.SetCacheDir( xbmc.translatePath(os.path.join( "T:"+os.sep,"addon_data", gPluginName,'cache' )) )
geturllib.SetCacheDir( xbmc.translatePath(os.path.join("special://home","addon_data", gPluginName,'cache' )) )

Either that or force update the add-on/repo, I thought the issue had been fixed.
Set Up
Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc - XBMC 12.2
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Nope, no luck with that either, although I can now view lists within the repo - previosuly I was unable to access the repo library.

Couple of instances where videos played, but for 1-2 seconds only. Same issue with 4od and iPlayer

Did you reboot it after making the changes that deanmv suggested?

If you look in the 4oD thread, somebody had the exact same issue as what you're describing, with the same T: permission errors, and fixed it by making the change deanmv was talking about.

Check here:
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