converting iTunes video to MKV

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gcdlz Offline
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Can someone point me to a program I can use to convert my iTunes videos to MKV so I can play them in XBMC?
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nsviper Offline
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Handbrake will do it, but wont XBMC play them anyway?

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gcdlz Offline
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No, with iTunes DRM they can only be played with iTunes player.
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jaochoo Offline
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So I can use Handbrake to convert the TV shows I bought on iTunes to MKV so I can play them using XBMC?
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DaveJ88 Offline
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No, iTunes movies have DRM so you can't convert them to MKV or other formats unless you find a iTunes video converter. As I know, Handbrake doesn't support iTunes movies. If you want to convert iTunes to XBMC, you should use Requiem, the free iTunes video converter.
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DarrenHill Offline
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We do not support the circumventing of DRM here.

This also had nothing to do with kodi.

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