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converting iTunes video to MKV
Can someone point me to a program I can use to convert my iTunes videos to MKV so I can play them in XBMC?
Handbrake will do it, but wont XBMC play them anyway?
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No, with iTunes DRM they can only be played with iTunes player.
So I can use Handbrake to convert the TV shows I bought on iTunes to MKV so I can play them using XBMC?
No, iTunes movies have DRM so you can't convert them to MKV or other formats unless you find a iTunes video converter. As I know, Handbrake doesn't support iTunes movies. If you want to convert iTunes to XBMC, you should use Requiem, the free iTunes video converter.
We do not support the circumventing of DRM here.

This also had nothing to do with kodi.
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