[MOD] Delete episode after watching
I created a little MOD for REFOCUS so you get a prompt to delete the episode after watching. You can choose to enable this feature in the SKIN settings under OTHER.

Just replace the two files in your skin.refocus\720p folder. (make sure to make a back-up Big Grin)

Link: http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/37987722/file.html
I was having issues with this so I upgraded to the latest stable for windows yesterday, and still with this mod, when i click yes to really remove, it locks xbmc for a long time. longest i've let it go without ending task is 15 minutes however one night i just let it be locked and to bed, it was unfrozen the next day.

any ideas?
Just curious, what does this actually do? Does it delete the video file, and the nfo, and the thumbnail? And does it delete it from the library? Does it work with a MySQL based library?
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same problem as marcus. enabled deleting, it only deleted from the library, not the actual file, and froze up xbmc.
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That's specifically for the Simplicity skin, right? Can you point me in the direction to make it for reFocus?
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