Linux Issues with EPG on one PC, not the other
Hi all,

Ever since I upgraded my September version to the February version, I'm having problems with the EPG on my HTPC. On my server everything seems ok, but on the HTPC the programmes on some channels take too long. For example, the NOS Journaal on Nederland 1 is displayed from 18:00 to 22:00. Both PC's are running the same xbmc-pvr branch, where the server is on a desktop install of ubuntu 10.4 and the htpc on a ubuntu-minimal installation.
I'm using a shared database for movies and tv series, I'm not sure if that's relevant. The 'do not store epg in the database' option is checked.

This weekend I upgraded to the latest version of xbmc-pvr, and the epg seemed ok for two days. However, on Wednesday the same problems appeared, programmes running too long.

I don't have a clue where to look to resolve this. Can anyone help me?
i had this issue too....
it is now resolved, this is what i did...

delete tvheadend's epgdb (if you use tvheadend).
my htpc's use nfs, this did not play nice with epg or any other stuff that xbmc stores locally (many issues about this on this forum).

i now have a central mysql database on my home server and my xbmc clients use this database to store tvdatabase and epgdatabase (and also video and music database).
when i did this not all was ok...
the channels that where not ok, i used xmltv in tvheadend and i disabled EIT in tvheadend for the channels that did not have a proper epg.

now everything is ok.

hope this helps...
Do you mean ~/.xbmc/userdata/Database/TV*.db? There are two files there, TV20.db and TV21.db, I deleted them both. The EPG appears to be ok now, but usually problems occur after 18:00 only, so I'll have to wait. Thanks sofar.
no i mean:
and yes, you could also delete the local tv and epg databases

and oh... these things take time, xmltv can take couple of hours to full your epg database.
and if your database is not empty the 'wrong' tv shows will not be overwitten as i discovered, so you can wait or delete tvh and local databases
I deleted the files and for two days everything seemed fine, but now it's messed up again. I haven't disabled EIT scanning for those channels, since the option isn't available in 2.12. What I can't get my head around is that it works for two days, and then it doesn't. It seems to me the EIT scanning is ok, but somewhere down the line the information gets scrambled.
i had similar behaviour.
upgrading tvheadend (opdenkkamp's git) + xmltv in tvheadend + disable eit fixed it for me.
as far as i understand epg can be messed up because of faulty epg info sent by cable provider.
tvheadend i think is not as smart as a set top box in this respect by disregarding 'wrong' or 'no' epg...
I think I "fixed" this problem. I was looking to upgrade to opdenkamp's tvheadend version, but couldn't find a howto, so I was looking for another solution. Then I noticed that the EPG data was ok again after a reset of the tv card driver. I created a cronjob that resets the driver every day at 5 am, and everything look superb now.

Not a fix, I know, but it works Smile
Visit and download the script for Ubuntu. That will set up the correct sources, and then you can install the tvheadend package.
You could also install it from this ppa instead:
opdenkamp / dushmaniac

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Sometimes it's so simple Big Grin Thanks.

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Issues with EPG on one PC, not the other0
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