Win Folders not appearing
When I go through one of my folders many folders within it are not appearing. The folders are accessible outside of XBMC.
How are you trying to view them in XBMC #1
are they hidden folders #2
I'm viewing them as a source, they are not hidden folders
Folders are seen and scraped.... sub folders are seen by scanning recursively tag (Change Content) if there is no videos in the sub folder level... it skips to the next folder.


D:/movies/movienamefolder/movie.avi (this scrapes)

D:/movies/somemoviesfolder/movienamefolder/movie.avi (this skips)

D:/movies/somemoviesfolder/movie.avi/movienamefolder/movie.avi (this scrapes, but hides sub folder if stack is on)

I know clear as mud...XBMC really likes one level of folders.. in add-videos you can specify deeper path under the same add.

I have found the folders, When XBMC was ordering them the first world in the name of the folders was "The' so I guess that word was ignored and they where sorted by what the following words where.
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