Moving Global Configuration to Database
I was thinking about the other day if it would be, or is already, possible to move the configuration files (specifically the content of the userdata dir) into the database. When I say database, I mean a MySQL server running off a server on the network where the Video, Music, and TV shows library resides.

My curent setup has the content of the userdata dir on a smb share called Global-Config; that share is in turn mounted as a Network Drive in each of the HTPCs. In each of the HTPCs userdata dir, I first delete ALL the files created my XBMC when first started and replace them with shortcuts to the same files/dir in the network drive; such that a single configuration folder is shared by all the HTPCs in the house.

This setup has worked flawlessly for the past 1+ year, across several XBMC version change without the need to change anything (including deleting the database and importing it again. XBMC does that by itself, by creating a new database and importing the old data into itself).

Now, the question is: why not move all these files into the MySQL database? Granted, the user WILL have to install and configure MySQL ahead of time (or XBMC can give the user the option of either a local or Database-centric installation). Since MySQL is a full fledged DB, why not dump everything into it (images, data, etc.) and leave the network shares for the storage of the media content...

Anyways, just an idea..

...Of course, I know that the
work around can have the same effect as using shortcuts in the userdata dir; but the idea of putting the configuration data into the database seems a bit more elegant. IMHO
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