Find out what filename is being played?
I have some DVDs that I have added by creating text files named in the format "moviename (Year).dvd.disc". When I click on one of the DVDs, it prompts me to insert the disc named "moviename". Unfortunately it appears that the scraper has incorrectly identified one of the DVDs. Is there any way to determine what the underlying filename is? Naturally when I try to play it is just prompts me to insert the incorrectly-named movie disc.

Thanks! :-)

Press "i" while the .disc file is selected
(2012-05-21, 08:02)Ned Scott Wrote: Press "i" while the .disc file is selected

That just shows me plot info, the movie poster, actor/director info. No indication of the underlying file :-( Could that info be skin-specific? I am currently using the "Metropolis" theme. I will give it try using the default XBMC theme.


** EDIT ** OK, yes, changing to the default theme does indeed show path information (or at least most if it); I can at least see what the underlying file appears to be. Thanks! :-)

Just FYI, Metropolis also shows the filename but you need to turn the option on as it is off by default. It's somewhere in skin settings, may be of convenience to you in future Smile
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