Is there an Alarm Clock addon for XBMC?
Hi, I am new to XBMC, so it would be great if somebody could point me in the right direction. I use my media center Mac Mini as an alarm clock as well. I wish I could use XBMC for that. Is there a program add-on for that? I have searched the wiki, but could not find it. If there is not one in existence, it seems to be a glaring omission.

How would the XBMC turn the TV on? I would assume there needs to be an IR Blaster device coded to send turn-on command to TV. I had s similar setup from a Windows program that sent the command. I cannot recall what it was called, but TV was set to normal channels

In practice, it turned on my TV 3 out of 10 times...

If on unix, I assume you could create a CRON job that sends the proper JSON command to play a playlist. Perhaps a more knowledgable kind sould could post what a script for this would look like.

I was thinking more along the lines of regular alarm clock. My media center computer running XMBC is always on and connected to a TV set. When I want to use the media center I just power on TV. Media center computer is connected to its own speakers, so it can play alarm sound any time, it does not have to be powered on or even woken from sleep. Alarm just have to play sound, video is entirely unnecessary. Sorry, I was not more clear in the first post.

Currently I just use simple alarm clock application on my computer to wake me up in the morning. Unfortunately for this to work I have to shut down XBMC, otherwise I won't be able to shut alarm down. It would be nice if XBMC had an add-on, which could just play some preset track at certain time. So far I could not find any add-on for that or built-in functionality. Maybe I am just missing it?

I've been searching around for this feature too. I have my setup pretty much always on so it would be really awesome to be able to set a video or music to play at a certain time, or to a corresponding schedule perhaps?
Did anyone find one? Would like it too.
Failing that nothing stopping you crafting an HTTP GET using the HTTP API (will be deprecated but works in this version) then schedule it using wget using your computer's scheduling system.q
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Is there an Alarm Clock addon for XBMC?0
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