TVheadend 100% signal, XBMC: "no input detected"
Thank you Adam,

For me it is not only random but everytime I reboot my HTPC.

What I don't understand is that either Ubuntu or TVH see the tuner but under xbmc nothing ! Is it a xbmc problem ?

Do you think we can send something to you to help you solving this problem ?

Once again, thank you. TVH is the best tv backend I used so far.


Can you record from those services which fail to stream to XBMC? I really don't think XBMC can be at fault here. I think its going to be an internal TVH (or DVB driver) issue.

Might be worth reporting on issue tracker.

It is already reported, so far nothing changed
Thanks for your answers.

What should we do for it to be solved ?
I am not able to use thé PVR option, I think changing from TVH to another backend.

This might be of interest.
I have compiled XBMC and Tvheadend from 30/9 on Ubuntu 12.10.
XBMC and Tvheadend is running fine.
There is however a problem with "No input detected".
When I start Chrome and opens for example a newspaper site, the TV window freezes.
When I close Chrome, stops TV and starts TV I get "No input detected".
If I wait some minuts TV starts again.

In the attached xbmc log I started XBMC about 12:13, started TV at about 12:14, started and stopped Chrome at about 12:17, stopped and started TV at about 12:24, TV was back at about 12:26, closed XBMC at about 12:32.

If I have used Chrome and starts XBMC and Live TV, I always get "No input detected". It is the same in case I have used Wine. In this case I have to reboot.

The pulse-eight version of XBMC behaves in the same way in Ubuntu 12.04.

Some more information.
I have another PC with the same Ubuntu, XBMC and TVheadend versions, but with another DVB card. On this PC there is no problem with "No input detected".
DVB hardware on the PC with the problem is Hauppauge PCTV Nanostick T2HD and it is shown as Sony CAD2820R in Tvheadend.
DVB hardware on the other PC is an older Hauppauge DVB card and it is shown as DiBcom 7000PC in TVheadend.
I think it's a tvheadend issue... I upgraded tvheadend, and the "no input detected" issue surfaced. It works on the first channel switch after tvheadend starts, but any switch after that dies.

Commit 8191e132f83f8078d13f5e9c049c99bafb5264a7 works fine!
I think we can allow the TV to take a break, then restart may be the integrated version overheating caused.
This relates to my post #20.

After I installed flash player and deactivated Chrome's internal flash player, TV in XBMC works fine in the computer with Hauppauge PCTV Nanostick T2HD.

I installed flash player with the command
sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer gsfonts-x11
Sorry to bring this up again. Is there any further work on this issue? For me it happens on selecting or changing a channel (tbs6981). If I leave it long enough, eventually the channels starts playing (maybe after seeing the no input detected alert 10-12 times). If I restart TVheadend, the channel will play instantly.

For reference, if I view the status page in the backend, it says 'testing' followed by 'bad'. All of the channels (BBC 1, BBC HD etc) have good signal. I never had this issue with mediaportal (both as front and backend).
this is not an issue of xbmc or the tvheadend add-on, but tvheadend itself, so it's not likely that anyone here will do something with this report
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(2012-12-07, 04:04)dushmaniac Wrote: this is not an issue of xbmc or the tvheadend add-on, but tvheadend itself, so it's not likely that anyone here will do something with this report

actually, if you have a look on the TVH website, adamsutton is the project manager and maintainer, so posting here and debugging with Adam is probably very likely to get something done as this is a real-world situation where TVH is failing to live up to expectations.

And FWIW - I too am also suffering the same fate. I am using TVH 3.2.18 coupled with Frodo RC2 and Ubuntu 12.04LTS (Precise), but with a Phillips saa7134 Tiger Reference (card=81 tuner=84 in module options). XBMC and TVH worked flawlessly all day yesterday while watching the cricket, but had to reboot the computer last night, and TVH is no longer recognising the signal.

I can say that the fault is not with XBMC, however. If it is firmware, it has to be something that is common to all the cards listed in this thread, so I think it is more and more likely that it is something in TVH. Although i haven't tried exiting Chrome and waiting, i will soon and report back in a day or so. This does seem to be a common occurrence for me, that after a reboot live TV doesn't work for a day or so, then just magically starts working. I've heard of cold starts taking a while, but that is just ridiculous...
@thespud - I have to agree with Lars on this one. This is not a problem with XBMC or pvr.hts, its far more likely its a problem with either TVH itself or the firmware/hardware. The reason he suggested this is not the correct place to post such issues is this is for XBMC integration problems, not TVH specific problems.

The later should be reported in the TVH ( forums or issue tracker.

fair enough.. Good point Smile
Hey guys!

Old post, but it seems for me, that I have this annoying issue too! I run a Openelec 3.2.4 on a Asus E350 Deluxe with TVHeadend 3.4.27 and a Tevii S470.
I can reproduce this error anytime. When I do a complete switch off (no power on the supply), then booting into Openelec, everything works fine! After the first reboot I get the "No input detected" message on every following reboot. When I plug out the power supply and back in, everything still works fine on the first reboot!

It seems to me, that the S470 needs a complete power off restart to work with TVHeadend!

What can I do? This is not really practicable for me!

Are there some new informations about this problem?

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