Video files not listed
Hi all,

I can't seem to figure this one out...

I have XBMC 11.0 set up on windows 7, with a local drive storing videos.

I have a big folder full of movies, and I'm finding that some videos are not being listed, and I'm not sure why...

One example is: "Disney Classic - 35 - Hercules.avi"

But the one one right before it is listed fine: "Disney Classic - 34 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame.avi"

I'm not really sure where to look. I've uninstalled, deleted the profile along with it, reinstalled, and re-added the folder in question, as type "movies".

The only thing I can think of is that it doesn't get a result from the movie DB, and it doesn't list it? If that's the case, is there a way to force it to show?

Thanks for any help
By the looks of it, you need to rename your files to more closely match what the scraper is looking for. Check your debug log and look for the reference to the files that are not being imported to your library. You should see that there are no matches on the scrapers database. Assuming you are using the default TMDB scraper, go to the web-site and check what the movie title is on there, then rename file accordingly.

Checking TMDB, there is a Hercules by Disney from 1997. A simple naming convention of "Hercules (1997).avi" should match the movie and scrape into your library. The same process will go for the other ones that are not matching up.
Wow, that did it, thanks!

Is there a way to have it show the files even if it didn't return anything from the scraper? Some sort of default/placeholder item, or a way to see the "raw" files?
Yes, that would be through the standard videos view.
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