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Windows - Folder names - movies with colons
A number of movies have colons in them, which is not a valid character for a folder name.

It seems that the only option is to "ignore" it. A hyphen will not work and seems to cause the movie not to be scanned/found.

At the end of the day it doesn't make much difference, but is there a way I can add some "separator" in the naming of the folder in place of the colon?
In the vast majority of cases, it can be ignored and the scraper will find the correct title.

In rare cases, I have created my own nfo when the scrapper could not find the title even via a manual entry. (

On TMDB there are often alternate titles without the colon that would make matching easier (i think)
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I use hyphens all the time with no problems...what version of xbmc are you using?
I have been unable to identify what the issue is with TVdB finding and scraping this TV show: LEGO NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu . I have tried several different ways to write it and i was thinking the colon might be the issue. any help would be appreciated

I can see the files when I look via KODI (actually android SPMC v 16.6) but importing/refreshing doesn't grab the episodes at all.

A detail that may help; they are entered as:

LEGO NinjaGo Masters of Spinjitzu (2011)/Rise of the Snakes_s01e01
Fritz Boyle

Hi fritzboyle,

I just tested your TV Show and it scraped first time for me. This is what I did

TV Show directory name: LEGO NinjaGo Masters of Spinjitzu (2011)
Episode Name: /Rise of the Snakes_s01e01.mkv
E:\TV Shows\LEGO NinjaGo Masters of Spinjitzu (2011)\Rise of the Snakes_s01e01.mkv

I followed your naming convention for the first two episoded, then switched to the easier names for the next 11 episodes...
E:\TV Shows\LEGO NinjaGo Masters of Spinjitzu (2011)\LEGO NinjaGo Masters of Spinjitzu (2011) S01E03.mkv

\TV Shows\ is my Kodi source.

Both naming conventions worked for me, and the 13 stub files I created all scraped ok. At first I thought the (2011) might be an issue, as TVDB does not list the year in the name, but it worked fine.

Can you see a difference between our two setups?
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I have recently started using cifs instead of ftp on some of my kodi boxes. I noticed any movie name with a : was being displayed as an address instead of the file name. I think I just found out why. That is a lot of movies to go through and look for colons.
You might be able to use Bulk Rename Utility. I think there is a function that will search file names for specified characters. I have never used that function though.
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I don't know how scrapers deal with it, but if you want the "appearance" of restricted path / filename characters, you sometimes substitute unicode "halfwidth and fullwidth forms" eg:
U+FF04 $
U+FF0A *
U+FF1A :
U+FF3C \

scott s.
Just leave the colon out of the filename, it will scrape fine.

And Kodi will show the colon, as the colon is legal in a movie name but not a file name.
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