Onclick event to disable (or at least toggle) hide watched
Hi everyone,

I hope I'm not asking something that has been asked before, but I tried searching, and couldn't find what I was looking for.

I've customized my Home.xml menu to add an item for a playlist (as described here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=70882). That part works great, but what I'd really like is to have it also automatically disable the hide watched function.
I already have the onclick event described here:

I thought I could add something like
But the problem is, I don't know what the Hide Watched setting is actually called. I also suspect it's not a skin setting, and I don't know the command to clear a non-skin setting.

When I couldn't figure it out, I had hoped to at least add a toggle. That way if my family opens it and everything is hidden, they can just go back to the home menu and re-open it to see everything. So I added this:
I tried it with no window ID, an with several window IDs I thought would be applicable, but to no avail.

Can anyone help me with this?
Hi guys,

I kept working on this, and never found exactly what I was looking for, but I found something even better. I thought I'd post in case someone else was looking for the same thing.
What I really wanted was to click a button and have a random episode (from a list of shows) start playing, and when that's done, play another random episode from a random show.
So step 1 was to create a Smart Playlist. There's lots of info about this, so I won't both repeating it here.
Step 2 was to modify home.xml as described in the link in my first post. Except replace the ActivateWindow onclick event with this:

This way it just loads the playlist into "Now Playing". Since you're not looking at a list, Hide Watched is not applicable, so you can leave it set to whatever you want for the rest of your purposes.

I hope this helps someone, somewhere along the road.

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Onclick event to disable (or at least toggle) hide watched0
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