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Hi there. Please could someone explain something to me; I am a bit confused.
I am thinking of using the crystal hd 015 card in the apple tv and crystalubuntu as the operating system to get full 1080p playback.
I am hoping to migrate from a buggy wdtv live streamer. What I would like to know is what all this deinterlace means; is it soley for SD content and is it something that I would be using on my wdtv without me knowing? I just need to know how to configure xbmc and more importantly would I be making playback quality worse moving from the wdtv?
I am playing back a mixture of hd and SD content.
The playback quality will be as good as you can get from any hardware. Crystalbuntu with the Broadcom chip can handle any media you throw at it.

Sam has made installing crystalbuntu/XBMC on the apple TV as simple as possible. If you have any problems, the group over at are very helpful & knowledgable. They'll help with an installation problems you could possibly face.

As far as configuring XBMC after installation, Henry Ford has written an excellent guide for the latest edition (Eden - which comes bundled with Crystalbuntu).

I'm a Windows guy from way back. Don't be intimidated by the software, Linux, or having to modify the apple TV - it's all very easy to do.

Good luck...
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