Custom buttons in Shutdown Menu?

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I would love to add some custom buttons to the shutdown menu...I have no experience skinning however and have no idea how to even start an attempt at this...could someone help me? I know there is an option to enable/disable shutdown menu buttons in the settings...maybe there is an option to add a custom button that I am just not seeing? I would like to add a Search and a Now Playing button (sometimes called "activatewindow"...more for music than for video but if I can get one button for this that would be great) Anyone know what I can do to start?
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I know how you feel. Skinning can be complex. I am no expert, but have figured out a lot of stuff though examining the various xml files that make up the skin. They seem to follow a basic format. The wiki also has a wealth of info regarding skinning.

They way I do it is this (on windows). I fire up xbmc, turn on debug logging and then open and close to same xbmc window a couple of times in succession. You should be able to see from the log.file which xml file is being accessed. Sometimes you'll have to open the xml files themselves and look for the WindowID. A basic list of these is in the wiki.

Once you ascertain the correct file, you can search the xml file for the action you want by using the "Find" command. Then you can copy and paste the code to the correct place so you can add the menu options you want.

Another way is to download the skin from GIT (or wherever) with all the media files uncompressed so you can see them. Turn on to thumbnail view so you can actually see the images under windows that make up the skin's menu. Then search for those image names in the xml file. This will lead you to the correct place to begin modding.

I run xbmc on windows in a small window with a custom keyboard button to reload the skin. Make a small change to the xml file and reload the skin to see the result. It doesn't take long and you begin to see how things work.

While this might not be exactly what you're looking for, you'll have to accept that skin mods are something you have to sort yourself.

Another area you'll l want to look at in the wiki is "ActionID's"

Hope this helps.

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DialogButtonMenu.xml is the one you're looking for.

it shouldn't be too hard to add extra buttons,
you can basically c&p one of the existing ones.
just make sure you give it a unique 'id' (one that's not used elsewhere in the skin).

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