some small issues with HP MCE remote
dharma / windows 7 (32- and 64-bit machines)

i have this remote:

two questions. first, the two buttons either side of the power button (dvd menu and tv) don't appear to be sending any commands in windows. that small keypress utility doesn't show up anything for those two buttons. how can i jump start them?

second, regarding keyboard.xml. i haven't attempted button mapping since using xbmclive, lirc and the keymap.xml, so i'm a bit lost. i'm not sure how windows handles the keypresses by default.

basically, among other things i want the 'videos' button (top right hand side) to open the movies library, and the 'tv' button above it (the one that doesn't work) to open the list of tv shows. but so far i can only figure out how to remap remote button presses to KEYBOARD presses, not to execute commands like:


i've tried using the mce configuration addon, but to be honest i'd prefer to manually edit the .xml files like i used to do with xbmclive. i like the way you can program keys to perform differently depending on whether you are browsing windows, playing video, etc. how do i do this!?
See for info on modifying keymaps. If you're using Windows grab KeyMapEdit from unless you really like hand editing XML.

With any eHome remote like the HP there are two steps to configure it. First use the MCERemote add-on or Elitegamer360s script to configure the remote to send the standard Windows Media Center keyboard shortcuts (see Then create a custom keyboard.xml to map these keypresses to whatever XBMC actions you want.
cheers, i already tried using the keymapedit.exe but the lack of on-screen info and formatting was really confusing.

(2012-05-23, 11:10)jhsrennie Wrote: Then create a custom keyboard.xml to map these keypresses to whatever XBMC actions you want.

is there a guide for this?

also...any suggestions as to how to get those two buttons working?
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some small issues with HP MCE remote00
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