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Raspberry Pi or alternative - what to choose?
I am thinking about buying a raspberry Pi (or two , and pry to god they arrive before the end of the world )
I plan on using them for XBMC machines only.
What I love about R.pi :
- cheap
- small form factor
- good support for linux, XBMC for R.pi is being developed and is in beta , AFAIK.

What concerns me :
I need to be able to run chrome, sopcast and vlc on that machine, too. I am not quite sure that these software packages will run OK on this machine.

What I use at the moment:
4-5 years old sony VAYO. It is used for
- watching sopcast broadcasts on vlc
- watching browser -embedded video ( some Bulgarian TVs)

I'd love my new machine to be able to do that , but I am not sure R.pi will cope. I never tried to start vlc or chrome or any other app from XBMC, I always used the Ubuntu desktop to start these apps.

My question is : should I go with the R.pi, or should I go for a different machine. I will love to hear your opinion. Smile
I'm very interested in the new small devices like the R.pi, but all I can suggest is to wait it out for the rest of the year maybe and see what comes out and how development goes with the Rpi.

Its equvalent to a pentium 2 300 mhz pc. i would not bet on anything but h.264 movies.
Thanx for the answers. I am more concerned with my "specific" software - VLC, chrome, sopcast (command-line) running under builds designed for ARM processors. The other think I am worried is the lack of desktop - though I should probably be able to install one. I dont cry for one, as long I can start correctly chorme and vlc - I can do everything in terminal and tty.
Please, advice for this and for any other machines which might be viable options Smile
I dont care for blue-ray quality, avi is good for me Smile
(2012-05-25, 04:10)calev Wrote: Its equvalent to a pentium 2 300 mhz pc. i would not bet on anything but h.264 movies.

The GPU will be able to decode h.264.

GPU: Broadcom VideoCore IV, OpenGL ES 2.0, 1080p30 h.264/MPEG-4 AVC high-profile decoder

Mine was delivered today. $43 bucks total. Now I am not sure what to use it for.
I was thinking about installing debian and XBMC on top of it. What about that? Wink
Check out CuBox
If you are interested in running XBMC on R.Pi, you can install this beta:

I would be interested in how it goes ( as well as the ability to run additional software) I got my order code and ordered my RPi today.... My intention is to use it as an XBMC box.
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