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Acer Revo RL70 looks to be a great pre-made system...



I wan't it for my office PC........... but this should be Awesome for XBMC...
If you wan't something withe everything installed.

Has anyone messed with one?

Reviews look great on Amazon.... they say it plays great with XBMC.....

It's a pretty nice looking case....

And comes with a Remote with a keyboard on the other side that is not listed.... from reviews....


Doh the one with the Blu Ray Player it's not in the states....

Thanx to otaku888 for finding this link:


This answers all questions.... this is truly a nice little box. Tongue

The E-450(1.65GHz)? Processor?

Will this be alright for an office PC...? just Sab, Couch etc.... ?

I love the fact that I can mount it on the back of a TV in case I need to.... for space purpose...


It's a great pc, especially as an office pc and htpc. I did multiple E-350 builds last year (8) for a Medical Clinic and (4) for family. I have two Zacate powered HTPC's in my home and they are great, very low cost, low power draw, Surfing the web, watching movies, youtube, feels the same as other quad core amd builds and dual core sandy b builds. Xbmc is great in these lil setups, it just flies in the new Confluence Skin in Eden, the only draw back at the moment is that it can't handle Netflix HD, but let's be honest, Netflix HD...meh! really not even HD. I use Hulu, and Epix HD and all the other XBMC video add ons.
I think for me this is the way to go... I wan't to buy a 24" or 27" screen where there is a small little desk and get this on the back of the screen.

Too bad I can not get the one with the built in dvd burner Sad

I guess I can buy an external burner if needed.

I am trying to see now if I should build the A8-3850 or not!

I don't game.... just office stuff and the other stuff Smile no not porn!

HTPC wize.... it looks very nice too....

homewrek do you have SSd's in your builds?
This one comes with 2 gigs or RAM bummer....

I know I would save my self $200 if I go this way....
Awesome idea Beerz, it will be perfect for that. I haven't used a dvd drive/burner in a very long time lol. On two of the builds yes (SSD) the clients wanted SSD's, on mine and the office builds no. On my two personal builds I'm only using 2gb of Kingston Ram and Samsung 1tb drives, the only diffrence I saw when set up the ssd in the other machines was of course the boot time and snapyness in the heavy skins like the MQ. I personally never reboot or shutdown my htpc, torrent box, so an SSD isnt important for me and I dont care too much about the Heavy Skins in XBMC, Confluence, Transperancy, Cirrus Extended Light, Neon, is really all I use but mostly Confluence. 2gigs memory is enough, I can vouch.
Some thread I started back in March of last year....showing the BALLS these lil cpu's can do. Before Llano there was Zacate, the first APU.
Thank you again! This little box is starting to look like a winner! I think i'm going to order it from Amazon and try it out!
Nice! This Acer I almost bought it also, cause I know the hardware and I know what it can do but mostly the sleekness of the case...you just cant find anything remotely as sexy as this for a DIY build. Mostly all the mini itx cases are kinda ugly and bulky compared to something like this.
The final nail in the coffin....look at the bitrate of the file I was playing and my cpu usage.
NICE SCREEN ^^^^^^^^^^ Cool man.... thanx for that.

Does anyone know if the power brick that comes with the RL70 is 100-240V? Must be ..... everything this days like that is.
If i thought this thing could do Netflix HD I would be on it like tick on a hound dog.
Netflix = PS3.....

I guess a lot of people use netflix on there HTPC's......

I don't care for it.....

But it would of been nice...

Wow that E-450 it's pretty cool....

I wonder also if the RL70 remote that comes with it is a MCE...
The reason it can't do Netflix HD is due to Microsoft Silverlight, it doesn't use any hardware acceleration like flash and HTML5, So you need a beefy cpu to compensate. There was an update to it but still not working the way it should be....after much complaining from all corners of the Earth, Statements were released that Netflix might change to HTML5 instead of Silverlight, now let's see if they really care about there customers....HTML5=Netflix HD for Zacate. It can game too Beerz, we play mostly Halo Custom Edition here at the house.
Zacate 2.0 should be released any month now. ( E2-1800) cpu 1.70ghz, gpu HD 7xxx series, native usb 3.0....18 watts TDP compared to Trinity 35 watts. I'll be using these boards as soon as they come out, I'm more excited about this than Trinity. After Trinity's release a couple months later the new FX chips will be released with built in HD 7xxxx graphics in 8,6,and 4 core flavors. I just don't see the reason for Trinity.
That is why I did my A6-3500 build.... I wanted to see what it could do. Pretty amazing little box and dead silent...

Now for this RL70..... if I open it you think I will void warranty.... witch I don't care if it works right....

I would like at least to get 4 gigs in there.... any recommendations?
I love crucial btw!

I think it has 2 slots for RAM... fromt he video on my first post...

Crucial 4 gigs 1333

Wonder if it can take higher....

or maybe like you said I don't need 4 gigs 2 is fine.....
Yeah APU's is all you need for what we use "our" PC's for...your A6 is awesome! About the warranty, I'm not sure...maybe contacting Acer about upgrades. There site says it has a Limited One Year Warranty, so you might want to read up on that before anything else. Honestly Beerz, 2gb is enough for HTPC use or TorrentBox, I would just try it out like that first. Crucial makes great Ram.
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Acer Revo RL70 looks to be a great pre-made system...3
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