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Using IMDB as a Tv Show Scraper
Hi I am currently trying to set up XBMC and am having a little trouble. I am trying to keep my movies with my movies and my tv shows with my tv shows. Although everything is in .ISo format. I have the files seperated like I like them and have named some correctly.
For Instance

The Simpsons - Season 2 - Disk 1, S02E01E02E03E04E05E06.iso
First question is can I name it something like this:
The Simpsons - Season 2 - Disk 1, S02E01-E06.iso
This shows up in XBMC tv shows and I guess would be ok.........

But then because I have kids I also have things like:

Sesame Street - 123 Count With Me (2008).iso
Which does not have a season or episode number but is correctly named to TVDB or IMDB. I consider these Tv shows because they defiantly are not 1.5 hour movies like Disney or Lethal Weapon. I would like to put Sesame Street files in with the TV Shows, but can not find a way for them to be listed there. I also have not found a way to manually add things to the tv show section....

I have gotten just about all of my dvds to show up in Media Center but don't really like Everything intermingled.

First question, no. That would be treated as just episodes 1 and 6.

For the second part, check the Specials season on tvdb for Sesame Street. There's an episode there called 123 Count With Me, so I assume it's the same one. In that case include S00E05 in the name, and it should show up.
Ok So while looking for other info, I did find and properly name elmo's potty time but when looking up elmo's world dvds, I ran into a problem with this:

Elmo's World- Food, Water & Exercise (2005) - s30e3816e3831e3853

Where it is season 30 episode on tvdb=3816. So I renamed it to

Elmo's World- Food, Water & Exercise (2005) - s30e1 and got the right episode 1 for season 30 but could not get the rest (e6 Food E10 Water, etc)

Is there a way to get 4 digit episode numbers to be scanned right?
Is there a way to get it to search tv shows with IMDB or TMDB

4-digit episode numbers are fine, it's a little more involved than that, but you were on the right track. XBMC "corrects" the first episode number listed in a season to be episode 1 (in this case episode 3786), and then all the other episodes get corrected by the same amount. So despite be the sixth listed episode, Food is in fact episode (break out the calculator...) 3816-3786+1 = 31 (!). Likewise, Water will be 46, and Exercise will be 68.

Makes total sense...

Using IMDB as a Tv Show Scraper00