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What add-ons do you use?
I'm talking mainly for 3rd party add-ons, and not the stock XBMC ones, but feel free to post those as well!

I use VEVO for music videos.
I'm running over 50 add-ons, the selection is pretty wide and listing them would be a chore. They are all used at one time or another and I'm really glad the XBMC devs made hooks for 3rd party applications to work so successfully and I hope to see more.
Well, the point of this thread is for other people to become aware of the add ons and reliable ones like the ones you are using.

Care to share a few of your favs? Or a few of the ones you can't live without? Or a few of the ones you install first on a new install?
I use the filecleaner and the movieset add-on looks brilliant but I just found it.
EDIT: and of course the network-manager that I wrote.
I use the trailers in conjunction with couch potato, iplayer, 4od etc when needed. I also use tvcatchup lots, as it lets my kids watch normal tv on their apple tv in their room and my sons room has an arcade machine which allows it to double up as a tv as well! And cinema experience, it's my must have add on for adding that something special when people come round.
Often wondered why there isn't a better add ons section within XMBC, it has improved but I would like to see new add ons flagged and a list of ten top rated add ons.
because the system was just introduced from scratch in the previous version and is now being quickly improved step by step?
Yeah I realise the team has made great strides in other areas, for my needs it works perfectly.
Most of the video add-ons are made independent of the XBMC team it's continuing support isn't guaranteed, and with the fast past of change on the web, links changing faster than the weather and with the full steam ahead XBMC developers; code that once worked well in one version seems broken in another, not to mention the cross platform issues. With that said, I have I do have my favorites... The Top 10..

#1 Canada on Demand - A lot of the links are borken and this one isn't supported byt the author anymore, but I watch the National News without commercials almost nightly... and there is still a lot that works. So no real complaints, too many of the other plugins are geo locked in Canada.

#2 Live Streams - If you can't find an add-on... but can find the stream with a browser.. this one makes it easy in XBMC. hundreds if not thousands of live video links... with new links coming daily.

#3 I'm not sure if Navi-X is considered a plugin (in the programs section) but I can easily pass an evening with this one.

#4 Revsion 3, a lot to chose from in there...sometimes informative, particularly HD Nation

# 5 Ted Talks - XBMC is a much better view portal over a browser.

# 6 Al Jazeera - gets me alt news

#7 The Trailers - who doesn't like trailers.

#8 Cnet, Vimeo, YouTube... when I'm bored and need some fresh graphic videos to spice things up (note: I see all of these plugins as one bucket)

#9 BloomBerg - never know when the finical world is ready to collapse.

#10 Ice films to watch the insane buffering... and think how many ATV viewers rely on it Smile

#11-50+ are personal choices...


What add-ons do you use?00