Solution with Mapped drives not working every time on NAS sations with spindown.

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fableman Offline
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If you have a NAS station where the drives spin down Windows have some times problems mapping the drives so it works in XBMC.

If you have this problem you can try my solution.

Create a .bat file to start XBMC and put it inStartup

net use m: \\\multimedia # This command will map M to your NAS Multimedia directory ( is my NAS stations IP)
%windir%\explorer.exe m: # This command do the trick to force windows to make the mapped M: to work all times. (Windows Explorer will pop up)
"C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\XBMC.exe" -d 1" # Starting XBMC
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A better solution is not to use mapped drives. Specify the source as smb:// instead of M:. That way XBMC will automatically reconnect if there's any problem on the NAS.
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