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VDR and XBMC - How to install VNSI server
I think it starts with decryption problems. vnsi plugin does not detect signal lost because there is still one steam delivering data, teletext. Audio and video stall but recover a couple of times. Then audio thread dies. This are the last messages of audio thread:

17:39:59 T:140108101285632   ERROR: ffmpeg[759B7700]: [ac3] frame CRC mismatch
17:39:59 T:140108101285632 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(audio)::Get - asked for new data packet, with nothing available
17:39:59 T:140108101285632   DEBUG: CDVDAudio::Drain - adding 3480 bytes of silence, buffer size: 360, chunk size: 3840

After this there are no audio packets coming from demuxer:
17:40:05 T:140108382447360   DEBUG: set caching from pvr to done. audio (1) = 0. video (1) = 100

So maybe audio is hanging waiting for data.

I admit, none of those problems should happen, the question is where to look first. I see you use pulse audio. Quite a few functions related to pulse audio were implemented just before Eden release and were not tested much with pvr streams.

I can think of those options:

- fixing the problem which causing the stream cut off
- try ALSA sound which might be more stable than pa
- update to unstable pvr with new audio engine

EDIT: might be an vnsi problem, will look into this.

davy39, do you have installed gdb and could you create a back trace when it has dead locked? That would help a lot.
Thanks for the explainations.
Concerning pulse-audio, I've observed the same problem since ~january, so maybe it was before the function implementation you mentionned... However, I'll try with alsa tomorow.

I don't know gdb but I'm interested in and would really help to debug this issue...
Is there simple gdb commands for me to do before launching xbmc ?

How can I install unstable xbmc ? Is there a ppa or need I compile it ? What repository from ?

PS : Actually I run xbmc from P8 ppa on Ubuntu 12.04
I think the best approach is to keep you current setup and we try to find the problem.

Install gdb, on Ubuntu this is apt-get install gdb
When it hangs, open a terminal via ssh and:
gdb attach $PID ($PID is the process is of xbmc.bin, find out with ps -ef)
on the gdb command prompt:
set logging on debug.txt (this writes output in debug.txt)
thread apply all bt (generates the back trace)

I'm not sure to have well understood :
When shoud I have to generate the back trace, before or after xbmc crash ?
When I attach PID, xbmc is not responding anymore. Is it normal ?

As soon as you attach gdb to xbmc.bin you pause execution. Hence attach when xbmc hangs, then generate the back trace.
I tried to play a bit with that this afternoon but... XBMC doesn't crash anymore.
I could be because I've switched to alsa. If it's confirmed, you are amazingly efficient !
Conclusion : no more bug with alsa instead of pulse-audio !
Now I can stop the streaming if there is no signal without crashing xbmc.
Thank you very much for your answer that resolve several months of problems.
For information, Yavdr have released the vnsi plugin for vdr 1.7.27 in their testing & unstable ppa.
So the Ubuntu users don't need to build it anymore.
I've asked to e-tobi to do the same for debian.
I would like to know if anyone works for vnsiserver plugin has done is correct .. because I make a mistake with pvrinput xvdr to see, and it would be nice to try VNSI server, and if it is still there to see - but I get the same ezechiel1917 mentioned.
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Could you please be more specific about your operating system, vdr version, and the way you've tryed to install it ?

If you're using Ubuntu Precise system, this way should work :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yavdr/testing-vdr
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install vdr vdr-plugin-vnsiserver

If you have previous release of Ubuntu, you can :

- compile it this way :


- use this repository being sure you've removed other yavdr sources (testing & unstable):
deb natty main

VDR and XBMC - How to install VNSI server00