Music - Does XBMC recognize embedded album art? What about singles in one folder?

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andyd Offline
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So I've decided to look into Music as I have XBMC working mostly like I want it to for everything else.

I have about 250 singles in one folder that I normally just play on shuffle. I have tagged them to have the album name "Radio" so that my players (iPhone, WMC and WMP) see the singles as part of one album. The great thing is that even though the singles are all in one Album all the players still pick up on the embedded album art

That's not the case with XBMC, though. It seems to default to the first track in the album. Is there any way to get XBMC to recognize the album art of each track?
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jmarshall Offline
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Currently, XBMC determines that if there's one album (as per a non-empty album tag) in the folder then the art for the folder should apply to all files, as all files come from that album. If you made the album tag empty then XBMC would detect them as singles and would cache per-file then. Or, I think if you just put another track with a different album in the folder it would also work OK (note: you'd have to clear out your cached art at this point).

I have some changes on the way (moving music art to the thumb cache) which will change this slightly. My current implementation assigns the art to the album only if the same art image is present in all files (or there's a folder.jpg or whatever) - otherwise each piece of art is treated differently. Not sure yet how to treat songs that aren't in the library yet (or don't have tags read) when a folder.jpg is present.


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adrian ballard Offline
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@ Jonathan:

What about if each track within the album has it's own embedded album art?
I have more than just a few like this [not tweaked by me but rather came that way from the artist].

The default image for the album could be the image from track 1. Then when playing the album [or tracks from a playlist] the displayed artwork in the music player would be: track 1=track 1 artwork, track 2=track 2 artwork, track 3=track 3 artwork, etc....

If the artwork was the same for all tracks, or missing from a specific track, it would default back to track 1 artwork.

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