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Auto translate subtitles with google translate
Hey guys,

I wanna know if there is an option to auto translate subtitles with google translate.
There is alot of subtitles in English but if i need it in diffrent language there are not so many.

Pls advic

no option to do it with xbmc, you could however do it yourself and save the translated file. xbmc will pick it up and use it no problem
Anyone know how to go about this?

I have a French movie with no English subtitles to be found on the internet.

I downloaded the French subtitles. What can be done? Does Word orGoogle Docs translate. Do I convert it to htlm?

Any help would be appreciated.

I use Subtitle Edit - which works through Google Translate. It is simple and works as well as you could expect from Google Translate.

It woudl be great to have this option in the XBMC stock Subtitle addon though, just a line by line translation possible through google translate like the above mentioned software (also free) does.

All the best,

any progress with this issue?
I know that many people would want that.
maybe with bing?

this site do it online
(2015-01-28, 22:39)brookecoin Wrote: this site do it online

I'm looking for plugin (or built in option)

Auto translate subtitles with google translate51