The Perfect Gaming Skin For XMBC?
I have searched far and wide for a skin that will finally finish up my Xbox soft-mod I started back in 2007 (yeah, I know...I've drug my feet a bit).

My setup is very specific. I have no intention of using my Xbox for anything other than a emulation machine. I don't need views for videos, music, weather, any of that. In fact, I plan to disable those and only have the Programs menu going. I'm looking to use this as the perfect front-end for all my emulators and roms.

Many skins have come close over the years. I find MANY have the cover flow poster view yet lack the WIDE version to compact those tricky SNES/N64 boxes and the SQUARE view for the Playstation jewel cases.

I found that the new version of Xperience MORE came very close, but left out the wide version I need in the Posters view. The NIGHT skin had all three and worked great! However, it seems that it lacks support for Eden with no hope of an update.

I'm willing to run what ever version of XBMC I need (newer or older) to get a setup that can accommodate these views specifically. Does anyone know of a skin that I might have over looked that does what I'm looking for really well?
Ex bawks, you say?
lol, not sure how great it works for gaming purposes...but I like transparency for many of which is how easy it is to customize right in the skin's settings (such as removing home screen buttons and adding custom ones)

PS, advanced launcher is a great add-on for your emulator and rom collection
(2012-05-29, 05:33)Ned Scott Wrote: Ex bawks, you say?

Well, I spoke with Nessus today and he said he'd keep the Wide view in mind for future updates. I guess I'll just have to stick with a downgraded version of XBMC in order to use Night till then.
For me, the best skin for gaming is Cirrus Extended v2 :
(2012-06-03, 21:10)Angelscry Wrote: For me, the best skin for gaming is Cirrus Extended v2 :

Interesting. Is there an XBMC4Xbox version (IE: not just a PC port)?
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