Have a "consulting" page on the XBMC website for info on hiring Team-XBMC developers?
Might be a good idea for Team-XBMC to have a "Consulting" page on the xbmc.org website with some information on hiring XBMC developers for freelance programming jobs or expert consultants related to XBMC core and addons developing?

Something similar to what FFmpeg/Libav has on their websites
Quote:If you're running a business that uses FFmpeg or would like to use FFmpeg, you will sometimes want to have an expert, i.e. one of the original developers, work with you to figure out an issue, fix a bug or add some new feature.

This page is a list of those FFmpeg developers that are available for employment or consulting. The FFmpeg project highly recommends these people to be hired by your business. All developers on this list have commit rights, which serves as a testimony for their competence. By hiring one of these developers, your business can also (indirectly) support the development of FFmpeg.
However maybe not list individuals from Team-XBMC and their exact skills like FFmpeg/Libav does, but instead just briefly explain what open source and upstream development means and what type of jobs that developers from Team-XBMC could assist with.

Also list some specific examples of what type of jobs you have already performed in the past for different business with company references, and have emphasis on the fact that hiring one of Team-XBMC developers they will also indirectly support the development of XBMC?

Could be a good way to supplement your income and help improve XBMC code at the same time Big Grin
We would like to hire a xbmc developer for some contract work.

Please msg me, [email protected]

We look forward to the contact!
would love to hire a developer to create / help me with this issue that i have posted


we are looking to add to the team, if you are and experienced xbmc developer please contact us, [email protected]

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Have a "consulting" page on the XBMC website for info on hiring Team-XBMC developers?0
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