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(Feature Request) for PM3.HD
My HTPC has a AMD E450 CPU and unfortunately just about every skin I have tried does not run very smooth at times. Like for example when switching back and forth between from Movies menu to home screen sometimes takes a few seconds or longer to display all information on screen. So then I tried PM3.HD and to my surprise so far it seems to run very smooth. I have yet to see any of the lagging and sluggishness like I experience with most of the other skins. So I am not only very happy to to finally find a skin that will run fast with the AMD E450 but PM3.HD is also really simple and cool looking!

However its missing a few features that I really hope can be added to a future build of this great skin.

Some of those features in my most wanted order are the following.

1. When watching a movie and I click the select button on my remote to bring up the gamepad OSD I really wish it had the "current time" and the "finished movie time" somewhere on the OSD like a lot of other skins have.

2. Also on the same gamepad OSD screen would love to see a button to bring up "movie Info and cast Info" while still in the OSD.

3. Option to show weather info next to or near the "time and date" on the Home Screen.

4. Option to have some shortcut links on the Home Screen for some of my video add on's like "Youtube" and "Revision3"

Is there any chance of getting any of these features added to PM3.HD or is PM3.HD pretty much done being updated?

Thanks Smile

Ok finally getting around to replying to this

1) and 2) are pretty much in the INFO window of that screen (press i on a keyboard) instead of the OSD
3) Not really going to happen if you want weather info just go down to the main weather button and it will pop up on the left side
4) I will think about it if I can make it look good and fit the overall style of the skin

and as for the last question pm3.hd is continuing to support newer versions of XBMC but it is pretty much feature complete unless I find something that is nice one of the reason it runs so well is because it doesn't include all that extra stuff like other skins do
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(Feature Request) for PM3.HD00