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I'm using XbmC version 11 on Linux Mint 12 to stream music and video's to various devices (android tablet,windows and linux pc etc..)
Unfortunately I can only see the music and video library over upnp/dlna.

I also would like to view pictures stored on my XBMC server on the other devices like android tablet etc...,

I already tried several Upnp/dlna clients but I can never see any pictures library over upnp/Dlna.

For the pictures I have added a source ;just like I did for music and video's.

Any suggestions ? Probably it is a stupied thing but I just cannot find it...

Thank you for helping me out.
Last time I looked XBMC didn't support sharing pictures over UPnP.
Hi jhsrennie,

That's strange: this comes from the release notes of version 9.x

Ability to view pictures over UPnP in XBMC, also loads of fixes to the UPnP library

and the link is here:

I would expect that version 11 does more than a version 9 ?

Thanks for the reply.
I have added a link to this topic in the general "Picture topic". My knowledge is that the picture section hasn't had much attention. However, lately some good improvements have been made. I also tought some related to Upnp (found: and pictures. You can have a look:
Thank you Robotica.

This is indeed a clear explanation why some things are not done/working yet.

The most important thing to remember is this :

"In general HTPC-usage scenario, picture viewing is mainly ment for local picture viewing and centralizing your pictures. Just like with video's and music. Then it could become the central hub in your house to manage your (family) photo collections. "

So yes,it would be stupid to be able to stream video's and music to your tablet,smartphone,pc etc... but for (family) pictures we have to look for another application and store it somewhere else ?

In these times of sharing all kind information between all kinds of devices XBMC could be the complete solution if also the picture viewing over upnp is working.

so please developers have a look at this.


I guess it worked but got broken somewhere.... Picture viewing features are not that popular so you could be the first to bring this up.
ok maybe I should start a vote on Facebook ? :-)

Are there any other people who find "streaming of pictures over upnp" usefull ?

I am also interested on this feature.
posted this bug/feature request in the upnp gsoc project topic:
I am also interested on this feature.
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Please add picture streaming for the next version
It's planned, but it won't happen until the picture library is done (which is under development)
Good to hear it's planned. I vote for it! It is definite need.
It's a much wanted feature.. but will take at least another year..
I would really like to have this. I understand it's an unneccessary feature if one have a storage/media server in the basement and use XBMC on a HTPC in the livingroom as a viewer/player/renderer only. In that scenario pictures can be shared directly from the storage server. I use my HTPC as a storserver and a viewer/player/renderer.

Thanks for the good work you XBMC-developers are doing.

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