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video navigation
on windows i can jump around the video using the arrows keys which to me is essential

how can i do this on the ipad?

if its not there yet i suggest making it so that when you swipe in a directin while video is playing it would simulate pressing the arrow keys
Tap on the screen - tap or drag the progress bar then.
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yes i realize i could do that

but theres a reason those arrow key abilities exist.

its far more convenient.

on the pc version i could press the ff or rw button but its easier to just tap the left key once or twice knowing it will take you back :30 or :60 seconds

i know it sounds weird but i would have to say during an average viewing session those keys are probably used by me at least 10 times per episode

i like being able to quickly jump past the intro to anime episodes or quick tap back to something i just missed or would like to see again

using the progress bar and sliding it would be a far slower method .. who knows maybe im wrong ,

anyway couldnt hurt to add the feature , after al its having all of these features that attracted me to xbmc over other players over the last 8 years

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