[Windows] Video stutter using Margro and TSreader

I am running Margro's build with TSReader on a win7 machine, and everything was working great up to a couple of week ago, where all of a sudden playback of all channels started stuttering. Every couple of seconds the playback halts for a short while and then playback catches up.
I am not sure what changes in my system as this didn't use to happen before.

The weird thing is that if I start recording a programme, playback is absolutely fine.
Record = fine.
View normally = stutter.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bump, is this not happening to anyone?
Common guys, someone must be able to help please Wink

This is really weird - if the record is turned on, the video is clear, but when I am just viewing without recording, the video stutters.

Does XBMC or the TVserver automatically record same / other channels for some purpose?
my theory is that a recording is happening while I am viewing which is slowing down my viewing.
But when I am recording, I am both recording and playing the same stream which works fine..

Any idea?
Any theories?
Yep, same problem here with 4TR on openelec.

After some research I found out that it only happens when the viewing(reading)point is close to the writing point.
So when I pause the live stream for 8,5 seconds(for me), the video stays stutter free.

I have set "dalay after tuning" in the 4TR addon config to 8500ms to work around this issue.
Thanks Glenn, I also noticed that if I paused for about 5-10 seconds or basically until the video buffer shows 100%, the video plays without a stutter.
I tried playing with all the available settings, delay channel switching and others and the stutter doesn't go away.
I also don't really understand why there should be a problem - shouldn't the video play catch quickly enough with the stream? Waiting 5-10 seconds for a clean stream sounds like a bug to me.
I've switched from MP to FTR and the stutter happens in both, probably due to both using TSReader.
I've also just installed VLC and channel tunning and switching there is instantaneous, and there is no frame drop or stutter in the video.

I can't understand why when recording is on there are no frame drops, but when it's off, it's as though the steam is not fast enough and frames are dropped.

Margro - as you wrote this and are most knowledgeable - can you suggest a way to fix these issues?
I can only guess. Without debug log files no help.
From the current information, it seems that my addon is reading too close to the end of the timeshift buffer file. Pausing for a few seconds will help in that case.

Is your backend running on the same machine or is there a network connection involved?

Could you try enabling the "Use RTSP streaming" option (TSReader using RTSP) and see if this gives a similar result?
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
Hi Margro,

Thanks for your response.

In the mean time I tried several other things -
I installed FTR and had the same stuttering issue - possibly even more.
I tried RTSP and still had stutter - even worth.

When I watch through VLC it works without a flaw, and when I press record in XBMC or pause for about 7-8 seconds it works without stutter too.

I am running the client and server on the same machine - Acer Aspire revo 3610, running Win7 64Bit, 2Gig memory.
I have uploaded my xbmc and tvserver logs here:

Thanks for the help!

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