Only Audio Playing On iPad (Certain Files)

I'm having an issue with a first-time install of XBMC on an iPad 3.

I'm trying to watch an .mkv series via AVPlayerHD (Legend of the Galactic Heroes), but when I play the files only the audio plays without video. It just stays on the selection menu while the audio plays. I have other .mkv files that work, but these don't. However, they work in everything else (including XBMC on my Windows 7 and VLC).

Right now I'm going through the torturous process of converting each of the 110 episodes (only up to 3 right now) in Handbrake and it is painfully slow. My only options are to either convert or watch in XBMC as the soft subtitles don't display properly in AVPlayerHD so hopefully you guys can help me determine what might be the issue so I'm able to watch it without taking six months to convert in Handbrake.

Platform: iPad 3
iOS: 5.1.1 (9B206)
XBMC Version: 11.0-0 official (obtained via Team XBMC / Cydia)


Let me know if I'm missing any info that helps. This is a bit overwhelming.


I updated to the latest nightly build (xbmc-20120531-12d9d51-master-ios.deb). Now the files play, but the playback is extremely choppy. I guess I'll just have to keep trying other methods unless someone has any other ideas.
iPad3 is really new - there have to be made some optimisations for fixing HD playback with it. No ETA.
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Understood. Thanks for chiming in. Appreciate the work you do.
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