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Windows - Favorites remote shortcut
Dear Forum,

Please advise how to recall favorites menu directly from IR remote with the press of single key, (XBMC 11 with default skin).

Thank you for your hlep Walter

It would be very helpful to know what kind of remote you are using, and if you have already created your own keyboard.xml file in your userdata folder.

That said, if you are using a standard Media extender remote with a standard IR receiver, and have already created a keyboard.xml file in your userdata folder.... Well, then, this should about do it.

In your keyboard.xml file that you created in your userdata folder you would add a line of code that looks somehing like


or (either will work equally well)


You would need to change "obc148" to whatever appropriate code corresponds to your remote button that you want mapped....
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Thank you for your help,

I am using Microsoft Windows Media Center compatible remote control but without 4 bottom colour keys. How can I verify OBC number and corresponding remote key?

What is the difference between <remote> section and <universalremote> section in keyboard.xml file.


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