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I was wondering if there is a plugin that currently exists to solve this problem:
There are two computers that I use in two different networks. I want to sync library items between them on demand, sort of like a netflix queue.

Is this possible? If not, I will start looking for alternatives.
maybe it is, but perhaps you should explain a little more. For example, I know that "netflix" is something that exist in USA to watch movies at home, but absolutely do not know what a "netflix queue" is and why should anyone want to "synchronize" it. I usually want to avoid queues, not synchronize them.
Lets say I have library 'A' with 200 movies and library 'B' with 50. What I am looking for is a method for the viewer at 'B' to see the union of the two libraries and a method for them to select an object from both -

If they have it in their library it will start playing
If not it will be added to a sync queue and download from the other media center

In this fashion, the libraries will be slowly synchronized to each other by the user request to add a media item, much as the netflix queue asks for the next movie to be sent to the doorstep.
In that case, for the "queue" thing you need to program an addon in python. XBMC assumes all media is readily available, be it as a file connection or as a stream. You could probably start with some addons people did time ago for offline files (asking for the correct DVD to insert and things like that).
Alright I will take a look at that!

A good summer project.
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